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One Million Pounds

What’s 12.75 inches wide, 70 feet long, and can hold the weight of 83 fully grown male African elephants? Until recently the answer would not have been a helical pipe pile. But at University Village in Seattle, tests for a … Continue reading

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What’s Your Poison?

It’s poisonous, corrosive, and invisible. Volcanoes spew it. Swamps burp it up. But you don’t have to be on Gilligan’s Island to encounter hydrogen sulfide. You can find it in right in your neighborhood…in the sewers. Highly toxic and potentially … Continue reading

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Effects of the Proposed Steelhead Critical Habitat Listing

The National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed designating a few thousand miles of freshwater and estuarine habitat in Washington and Oregon as critical habitat for Puget Sound steelhead and lower Columbia River coho salmon. Both are listed as “threatened” under … Continue reading

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