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There’s a Volcano on our Project Site

Water is the life blood of any city, but its systems are not always pretty. So the two-million-gallon Forest Park Low Tank was embedded into the hillside to preserve the natural character of the area and leave unfettered views. However, … Continue reading

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Preserving Eelgrass While Remediating Legacy Contamination

What do you do when the State requires you to take action, yet prohibits that action? It’s a conundrum that takes imagination and determination. The Setup For over 100 years, several companies used the nearshore at the former Custom Plywood … Continue reading

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Volunteering with the Children of the Night

Nick Galvin, Hart Crowser environmental scientist, is in Guatemala with his family to volunteer for the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Project. A bumpy two hours from the nearest “town” of Santa Cruz Barillas, a padlocked chain stretches across the one-lane dirt road. … Continue reading

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Diving In – The Promise of Social Marketing for Storm Water Education

  Individuals have a direct influence on storm water quality in their communities, and regulators strongly emphasize public education and involvement campaigns in municipal storm water management programs. But how can leaders convince residents to pick up after pets, reduce … Continue reading

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Anchoring the World’s Longest Floating Bridge

  You’re at the bottom of Lake Washington, 200 feet underwater. It’s flat as a pancake here, but the first 50 feet of soil is diatomaceous silt and clay, which is unspeakably unstable. Think microscopic glass Christmas tree ornaments with … Continue reading

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Why an Earthquake Warning System Should Not Be a Priority In The Pacific Northwest

The newest and hottest topics when it comes to disaster discussions in Oregon and Washington, as well as on the national level, are an earthquake warning system and earthquake prediction possibilities. They are the new obsession that has come on … Continue reading

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Shaken and Stirred: Northwest Earthquake and Tsunami

Suddenly the Pacific Northwest is on the national stage for its earthquake and tsunami vulnerability, thanks to a New Yorker article. “The Really Big One,” by Kathryn Schulz, has triggered attention from dozens of local papers and news sites. Yet … Continue reading

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