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Towering Hills for Beauty and Strength

A dozen years ago an American port representative was asked how his port was preparing for rising sea levels. “Well…we aren’t,” he answered, somewhat sheepishly, because he knew they should be. Back then, the public was skeptical of the controversial … Continue reading

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First Tsunami Safe Haven Building in the United States

The City of Westport stands sentry at the tip of a narrow peninsula between the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the protection of Grays Harbor. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 700-mile-long earthquake fault zone, lurks approximately 90 miles off … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Eelgrass is Declining—What’s Being Done?

In an earlier post we showed how important eelgrass is to fish, and noted that eelgrass is declining worldwide. West coast eelgrass is affected by a combination of coastal development and nutrient pollution, direct displacement (such as dredging activities), and climate change. … Continue reading

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Eelgrass—Nowhere to Hide

Jason Stutes, a Marine Ecologist in Hart Crowser’s Anchorage, Alaska office, overheard a recent complaint, “When I go fishing I can’t stand all this ‘eelweed’ getting in my prop and fouling my lines.” “Then why do you fish where there … Continue reading

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