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There’s a Volcano on our Project Site

Water is the life blood of any city, but its systems are not always pretty. So the two-million-gallon Forest Park Low Tank was embedded into the hillside to preserve the natural character of the area and leave unfettered views. However, … Continue reading

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The Game of Thrones Wall—An Engineering Perspective

The Game of Thrones (the HBO series based on George R. R. Martin’s books, A Song of Fire and Ice) features a giant wall made of ice. Seven hundred feet high. It’s an imposing structure, but it has to be, … Continue reading

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Why an Earthquake Warning System Should Not Be a Priority In The Pacific Northwest

The newest and hottest topics when it comes to disaster discussions in Oregon and Washington, as well as on the national level, are an earthquake warning system and earthquake prediction possibilities. They are the new obsession that has come on … Continue reading

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Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Resiliency Blitz Starts January 26

For the last year, Allison Pyrch, a geotechnical engineer with Hart Crowser in Portland, Oregon has been the American Society of Civil Engineers representative to support Oregon Public Broadcasting in the preparation of a 2015 “media blitz” highlighting Oregon’s dire … Continue reading

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