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There’s a Volcano on our Project Site

Water is the life blood of any city, but its systems are not always pretty. So the two-million-gallon Forest Park Low Tank was embedded into the hillside to preserve the natural character of the area and leave unfettered views. However, … Continue reading

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Towering Hills for Beauty and Strength

A dozen years ago an American port representative was asked how his port was preparing for rising sea levels. “Well…we aren’t,” he answered, somewhat sheepishly, because he knew they should be. Back then, the public was skeptical of the controversial … Continue reading

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Shaken and Stirred: Northwest Earthquake and Tsunami

Suddenly the Pacific Northwest is on the national stage for its earthquake and tsunami vulnerability, thanks to a New Yorker article. “The Really Big One,” by Kathryn Schulz, has triggered attention from dozens of local papers and news sites. Yet … Continue reading

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First Tsunami Safe Haven Building in the United States

The City of Westport stands sentry at the tip of a narrow peninsula between the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the protection of Grays Harbor. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 700-mile-long earthquake fault zone, lurks approximately 90 miles off … Continue reading

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Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Resiliency Blitz Starts January 26

For the last year, Allison Pyrch, a geotechnical engineer with Hart Crowser in Portland, Oregon has been the American Society of Civil Engineers representative to support Oregon Public Broadcasting in the preparation of a 2015 “media blitz” highlighting Oregon’s dire … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of the Big One

Investing in “resiliency” now can make the difference between thriving or not recovering at all. To be resilient is to be able to restore to a strong, healthy, and/or successful state within a short period of time after experiencing misfortune … Continue reading

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